Poem Analysis: If Suddenly You Come For Me By N. Nor

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I (Moriah) picked the poem “If Suddenly You Come for Me” by N. Nor, because one of the first lines caught my attention, “To throw me in an iron cage.” It gave a sense to me that they were being tortured by people (which they were). In the poem she said she will not repent or rage. By that I think she won’t fight back to being tortured and won’t resist being thrown into the crematorium. She believed she had no hope left. She was just going to let whatever happened to her, happen to her. Many people in the book were quite a like. Except her and Eliezer, he was the complete opposite he was going to fight until he literally couldn't. I think this relates to the book because Eliezer's family decided to go with everyone instead of running away they
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