Poem Analysis: Let Her Go

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When listening to ‘Let Her Go’ you are bombarded with the quick realization about what you have in life and how fortunate you are until it is all gone. People and life in this day and age are just constantly going with no pauses and no time to appreciate all of the astonishing things you have in life until they are dissipated , and when this realization comes the effects of it are more abundant. People take for granted how good they Genuinely have it, and they tend to focus on what is happening next week or next month and all the hustle and bustle of life instead of looking at what they hold right in front of them. And when what is right in front of them departs or is seized from their life, they do not realize how fortuitous they were until it is gone. The speaker has a clear and…show more content…
The speaker captivates you in a cognizating way. When you read the words line by line without the tune of the song in the background inherently telling you the mood of the song and how to feel about it, you can sense and truly comprehend what the speaker is strenuously trying to get through to you. You can also feel what you consider the speaker is trying to say in this piece. ‘Let Her Go’ does an extravagant job in getting the concept across in a effortless way. It is bare to the point and you can sufficiently distinguish what the speaker is trying to convey, without having it being difficult to comprehend and loquacious. The speaker's choice of wordplay has a immense effect on how the song is comprehended, and the speaker did it in a way where you can interpret what he is saying right from the introduction. There is not a complex amount of guessing what is going on in the song. The line “ only know you loved her when you let her go” clearly displays that the speaker is trying to inform you that you do not grasp what you possess until it is
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