Poem Analysis Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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1. This poem is about the characters that chase their dreams against all odds but they are resigned to a fate due to the difficulties they encounter in life. It speaks of the life of Curley, who aspired to be a great movie star, but due to circumstances around her, she is locked in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage. It also speaks of the life of George and Lenny, who aspire to be rich and own farms for self-sustenance but they face difficulties in the world remind them of the impossibility of their dreams. It is rhythmic in connecting the troubles of one day to the other, indicating a tireless struggle to attain the dream against the many odds. At the end of the poem, after the fillings (putting in their best efforts), drilling (seeking…show more content…
This poem, centers on the theme of the destructive power of women in the story line. George is introduced as a man who has little faith in marriage; he has observed the conflicting interests of partners and would rather visit his women at the brothels than settle down. The only eminent woman in the story line, Curley’s wife, is unhappily married and she flirts around. The poem talks about men as the strong ones who gather and sacrifice for their women ’the ribs’, but the women are so bent on destruction like the mice. At the end of the day, although men know of this character in the women, they cannot leave them; as such they really question their strength against the mice, which destroy slowly them but surely.
The poem is a continuous build up of emotion and resilience as the men surrender to the negative influence of the women, yet they want to feel strong and in control.
5. This short poem interrogates the eminent theme of strength and weakness in the novella. It encompasses all other representations. In, of mice and men, the struggle is the optimal journey of man. His relations and possessions are determined by his strength, which is money. If George and Lenny had money, they would achieve their dreams, buy their land and be able to settle with anything their desired. At the end of the day, however, the poem purports that a man remains a man, whether he is attains his dreams or
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