Poem Analysis: On Turning Ten By Billy Collins

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“On Turning Ten”- Billy Collins Analysis

“On Turning Ten” by Billy Collins is a marvelous poem that speaks volumes for my grade 10 life. It connects to my life as it illustrates that the whole idea of starting school and having to start toiling made me feel that I was going to be sick. It mentions that before school commenced, during the summer break, I had the freedom of lying on your bed and was capable of remembering most of the stuff I was or did in the past. Stuff like “Arabian Wizards”, “a soldier” and “a prince”. However, now that school started, I am sad like the late afternoon sun. Now that school started, it is time to say good-bye to all the fun I had with my friends. It mentions the fact that in order to overcome this school year,
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It connects to my life because it illustrates that the idea of school creates all sorts of sicknesses and diseases throughout my body. It mentions that I try my best to look back into my past. But because school has started and all the homework there is to do, I have forgotten my prefect friend from Mongolia and the prefect bed that I used to constantly lay on with relaxation and happiness. I used to be a “prince” or anything, but now that school commenced I am the late afternoon light filled with sadness or like a cloudy day with all the blue drained out of it. Now I have to say good-bye to my friends and turn bigger. It was JUST yesterday where there was something that shined and pleased me, but now that light disappeared, and I fall and bleed of sadness. This links with my role as a student in grade 10 because this poem tells me that in order to be successful in my grade 10 year, I will have to my best to work hard and never give up. Lastly, in order to overcome my sadness from the idea of school, I will have to say hello to new friends and become Andrean brothers with them. As Patrick Lindsay once said, “Every new friend is a new adventure… the start of more delight
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