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Poetry Evaluation 8 Willie Dunlap Ms Noel-Williams ENGL 1213-Essay 2, Poetry Evaluation October 6, 2014 Poetry Evaluation The overall meaning of the poem is someone who wants to be one with the nature around him. This person feels insignificant and sees the world around him much more significant with their beauty and other attributes. As this person says they would rather be horizontal, tells me that they want to be laying down or asleep. It also makes me think that they might want to be dead. They are not a tree with their root in the soil. This says that they are mobile and able to move as they please, but almost would rather not. Sucking up minerals and motherly love sounds like if they want to be receivers of the same minerals and motherly love as this tree. Using such words as minerals, the very things even we need for sustainment and motherly love what any person yearns for. Things that seem they might be lacking and craving. So that each March I may gleam into leaf, can mean that for sure there is a renewing chance each March. A cycle which allows them to be new again. If only that could be possible being who they are, as they rather be someone else. Nor am I the beauty of a garden bed, in this line this person admits that they are less than beautiful. Attracting my share of Ahs and spectacularly painted, they believe this garden to be a work of art and they are in awe of such beauty, none of which they believe to possess themselves. Compared with me, a tree is
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