Poem Analysis : Ride Bus By Ruth Foreman And Making It

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Poetry is one of the most significant aspects in English literature. Understanding it’s features and importance in people 's lives is vital. This study will briefly discuss six poems before analyzing the poems titled introduction to poetry by Billy Collins, Poetry should ride a bus by Ruth Foreman and Making it in Poetry by Bob Hicok. The six poems written by different authors are similar yet different in some ways. The first similarity is the fact that the poems use different poetic devices to bring out the intended messages. Secondly, the poems are relatively short, and all of them seem to have a positive notion about the beauty of poetry. The main variation is the fact that each poem has a different theme. The authors also address different things that make poetry worth trying, living for and understanding. All the six poems explain that poetry is a feeling and a form of freedom that people should always embrace. Additionally, the poems succeed in enhancing people 's appreciation of poetry because they are extremely intruding. Personally, I enjoyed reading the poems because each one of them has special messages, meanings, and words. The worlds do not only stir emotions but also entertain and makes me want to read more. The three poems have numerous differences and similarities. To begin with, the poems are similar in the fact that they have themes that focus on providing the readers with information on the significance of poetry. In the poem Introduction to poetry,

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