Poem, Birches And Out, Out By Robert Frost

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Theme, Figurative Speech and Tones in “Birches” and “Out, Out” by Robert Frost Robert Frost was born in 1874 in San Francisco. Descended from the New Englanders generations, his parents, make Robert Frost is much associated with New England. In addition, most of his poems were well-known as a reflection from New England life. Despite that, he was a kind of subtle poet and generally recognized as a private man. Moreover, his appearance at the inauguration of John F. Kennedy to recite “The Gift Outright” for the millions of American was one of the most moving appearance of himself (Meyer 835). Besides that, two years before his death, he was named as poet laureate of Vermont. He also received many awards throughout his life as a poet; Pulitzer Prize, the Bollingen Prize and a Congressional Medal (Meyer 835). Some of his work connected to reality and responsibility theme, using metaphor to evoke mental images and tones to signify poem’s attitude. First and foremost, the reality and responsibility theme are connected to some of Frost’s poetry. For an instance, in “Birches,” the speaker of the poem wishes that he could somehow swinging on the tree birches like he did in his childhood. Every time, the speaker see the birches bend, he tend to think of boy’s swinging on them. He wishes that he could swing on the birches as he did in his childhood and escape to heaven. However, he need to accept the reality that he is an adult and cannot leave his responsibility on earth. The
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