Poem Girl, Age 11: I Feeling Sadly For Foster Care

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“Mother meant the whole world to me and there wasn’t anything I could do to get her back. It was like I had lost everything.” Lucie, Age 19. “I felt so bad for my mom and I constantly felt like it was my fault because I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”Poem Girl, Age 17. “I felt so disappointed and heartbroken. I hated my life.” Brittany, Age 13.“I felt very sad and I knew I could not do anything about it. I had to get over it. I know how it feels to be pushed around. I have been there.”Einstein, Age 11.These are real quotes written by real foster kids. Sadly for foster care there are 264,746 children entering care - that translates to a child entering care every two minutes in the United States and Child Abuse. The main reason for foster care,
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