Poem: I Love Africa

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1. Beautiful Dream You are the beautiful dream at dawn Breaking through the nothingness of night Hoping for the endlessness of light With your mind’s eye, See your many dreamers Your father that named you warrior Your mother that calls your hero Your sister that looks to you You lover that breathes for you We are the dreamers And you are our dream Always remember your innocent promise To bring home the stars 2. Future’s call I see fear in yesterday’s eyes Telling me no to dare to fly But tomorrow beckons me With greatness on his right and challenges on his left Sometimes I wish life were a childhood story With twenty children playing together for twenty years But I just keep hearing this voice Voice of my future calling me in a virgin dream…show more content…
I love Africa because of a woman! I love Africa because of a woman! Her beautiful black hair woven in a thousand tapestries Adorned with seven cowries and seven beads Her eyes, her cheeks, her lips A perfect trinity painted in glossy ebony And beneath this elegance lies the true perfection - Timeless virtues wrapped in a golden heart I love Africa because of a woman! She is my marvelous mother Older than the odds, mighty womb of the world She was the one at the miracle of blood and water Where she brought me forth before the midwives came Nurtured my soul with heaven’s milk since I was a day-old And backed me all the way to my toddler’s steps and every inch beyond I love Africa because of a woman! She is my patient lover The believer who waited for a love denied by distance The seeker who called in my soul every sunset asking When will you be home to your promise of love? She lived faithfully here in the lines of my poems Since the very first touch of baritone in my voice at adolescence She adored my beginning and believed my words could move the world I love Africa because of a woman! More than a mother a lover a daughter or a sister You are a wonder, weaving your many colours into a
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