Poem: Scarlet Imperfection To Perfection

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Scarlet Sky
Patiently, I sit waiting
The waves burst over the rocks,
And the balmy ocean water sprays my skin.
I taste the salt in my mouth.
It has never been so sweet.

The sun starts to set.
The sky,
It turns magnificent apricot and cotton candy pink.
The colors illuminate across the water
And pour onto the sand.
It has never been so beautiful.

Stars emerge
From behind all the clouds now shying away,
And the sun turns tangerine..
Slowly burning deep red.
No. Not red.
Imperfection to Perfection.

Somewhere on this crimson evening,
The sun is spiraling instead of falling,
Someone has met their true love,
A child is born,
And an elder perishes.
Its marvelous.

But I sit here waiting,
Only for tomorrow.
With my feet entombed
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