Poe's Heart Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most recognized prose poets, short story authors, and literary composers of all time. His works contain trending themes such as love, time, death and the concept of “oneness.” Poe often expressed these themes according to events that he had experienced, and some of his themes intertwined with others. Take for instance, his love for beauty and perfection played a major role in his concept of oneness, or state of absolute fulfillment. However in his short story, The Tell-Tale Heart, Poe effectively explores the power of guilt, and leads his readers through a cynical plot to murder while enduring the struggle to silence a beating conscience by treading the lines of genius versus insanity, moral reasoning versus…show more content…
So while his ideas of truth and fiction “mingled” with one another to be exposed on paper, his inability to carefully distinguish the two is what added timelessness to The Tell-Tale Heart. Debating and deciphering the difference between an absolute intellect and an absolute sociopath is one investigation that never grows old. Poe’s writing not only treads the line of genius and insanity, but he balances the two in a way that leaves each reader with the opportunity to form his/her own conclusion of the narrator. Now, this story also blurs the line between moral reason and indifferent resolution. In the opening excerpts of the story, the narrator explains that he indeed loved the old man. The old man “never wronged nor insulted him.” But the feeling that he felt towards the old man’s eye was something so overwhelming, it shadowed any moral reasoning he could ever imagine. He explains that his blood ran cold whenever he looked at it. So this caused him to compute an indifferent resolution: kill the old man, and he’d no longer have to witness the chilling eye. He still remained kind to the old man after resolving to kill him. Although it seems that he would behave this way based on his moral reason, the idea actually stemmed from his indifferent resolution. He wanted to make sure the old man had no idea of his sinister plot, so he treated him well before executing his demise. Often
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