Poe's The Mask Of The Red Death

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Poe who wrote "The Mask Of The Red Death" 200 years ago was not talking about modern day Ebola. Modern day Ebola takes up to 3 months to die. Red death kills the people faster then 30 min. Based on what I read "The Red Death" does not have to do with Ebola. It has to do with tuberculosis and the Black Plague. Yes they have some stuff in common like bleeding from the pores and eyes. They also have stuff that is not in common like red death has no cure. Some people think that they have a cure for Ebola. They both cause death; but "The Red Death" is faster then the Ebola. Also the red death started in 1842. How could they steal Ebola if it was not invented till 1976. Ebola is not as contagious as the red death also. The red death
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