Poetic Devices in Gabriela Mistral´s Ballad

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In structure, for instance, the author skillfully converts from past tense, to present tense, then to future tense; “Saw him”-Line 2, “He goes”-Line 11, and “He will go”-Line 19. She is uncertain about the blossoming feelings that are being exchanged between her lost lover and his new love; wondering wether or not their love will last. The structure is arranged in this way to demonstrate how the uncertainty present at the start of the poem gradually turns into confirmation by the end. Numerous other poetic devises are also used such as style, figures of speech, tone/mood, and rhythm/rhyme. Style is the special way an author creates his or her work. Gabriela Mistral exploits an informal style in her poem “Ballad”. The poem discusses the poets feelings and is written in first person point of view validating its informality; “My heart’s blood.”-Line17 using ‘my’ and describing her heart confirm this. Diction contributes to style in an extensive way. Repetition is a form of diction that is heavily spread out through the poem. “Saw him pass by.”-Lines 2/6, “He goes loving.../...in bloom”-Lines1-2/11-12, and “He will go.../through eternity.”-Lines 19-20/23-24. The repetition emphasizes the authors style an diction. In this poem diction is displayed through negative connotation. Choosing to describe her emotional state as “,wretched,”-Line 5, instead of sad or unhappy, and by adding a…
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