Poetic Explication on Charles Martin's "Taken Up"

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Charles Martins Taken Up is a poem that could illustrate two possible scenarios. This poem can be interpreted as viewing a group of people waiting on, meeting, and leaving with extraterrestrial beings. It could also be a personified colony of aspen trees that are awaiting the sun on a spring day. It is written in free verse that does not have a specific amount of syllables per line. The poem consists of seven terza rima rhyming verse stanzas, which displays the authors control over the free verse form. These stanzas are constructed simply by using the rhyme scheme a a a, b b b, and so on. This poem is written in the third person narrative and describes the interaction between humans and aliens. It could also describe the scene of a colony …show more content…
This first encounter with extraterrestrials would cause these people to be confirmed in faith. Their beliefs have now been confirmed; there are extraterrestrials in the universe. The other take on these lines illustrates a view of saplings, which came forth, or sprouted one by one growing awkwardly upon the earth in all the different directions that branches grow. These new trees were growing and the rest colony was confirmed in faith by their growth. They were ensured that a new generation of life was growing among the colony.

In stanzas four and five it seems as if the extraterrestrial idea is clearly what the poet is referring to, but it could very well be another reference to the aspen tree colony. One must think abstractly to pull out dual meanings in the following lines:Mysterious voyagers from outer space,Attenuated, golden—shreds of laceSpun into seeds of the sunflowers spinning faceLight was their speech, spanning mind to mind:We come here not believing what we find—Can it be your desire to leave behindThe mysterious voyagers are extraterrestrials from outer space who are attenuated, or made slim, but have a huge face like that of a sunflowers spinning face. These lines help to paint a picture of what an extraterrestrial might look like. At the time, in American
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