Poetic Imagery: Mi Abuelo by Alberto Rios

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Out of the three poems, the first two hardly had but one or two symbols throughout. They were so short, that they hardly had enough time to get but a small message across to the reader, or atleast that 's how I saw it. However, Alberto Rios 's "Mi Abuelo" had many images which made my brain tingle with excitement for writing this paper. Besides the fact that it had the most imagery, it also was the most interesting and best imagery in my opinion.

The poem starts out with Rios indirectly pointing out that his abuelo, or grandfather, is already passed away and buried. Even though his grandpa has passed on, he still is connected to the modern world "like an Indian with his ear at the tracks." Now, I 've never heard of an Indian with his ear
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Even better, his grandfather 's ghost may haunt the house which his family lives, but not likely. When Rios goes to his grandmother 's house, he sees an old picture of his grandpa with his "off-white yellow center mustache." Yellow is used as a symbol of happiness or joy through literature and poetry in our culture. Also, Rios
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