Poetic Justice

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Poetic Justice
Many of us would not let go of who we are. We do not like the fact that we are getting older, this scares a lot of us to death. Suddenly we have to be grownups and act like one. Another thing we experienced when we were younger was our first love. It would, for many people, be awkward t meet their old boy- or girlfriend again. Time really changes us and we do not always want to do the same thing as others.
The short story, Poetic Justice, written by Diana Appleyard, is about a woman who gets a flashback to when she was younger. She is sitting at the computer and sees a familiar name, Jed Cunningham, which is her old boyfriend. Jed is described as an ‘Irish poet’ and a man who is living his dreams to the fullest. He had
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and “her”, because sometimes we are in the narrators head, and know exactly how she feel and
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