Poetry Analysis On Facing It

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Poetry Analysis on “Facing It”

Veterans are more susceptible to the memories of war, pain, suffering, and death. Memorials such as the Vietnam Memorial bring back many memories for veterans when they view these memorials. Those memories can attack the mind, and cause a veteran to feel vulnerable. Many veterans can only associate those memorials with the pain, suffering, and death that they had seen while at war. Yusef Komunyakaa expresses the pain that is felt within war veterans when they remember memories of war and survival in his poem "Facing It."
Similes are a small part of the poem, but give larger meaning behind each verse in which it was used. In “Facing It”, there are few verses that use simile, but those verses have important meaning. The Vietnam Memorial has 58, 022 names on the black surface, and the speaker says, “I go down the 58, 022 names,/ half-expecting to find/ my own in letters like smoke.” (14-16) Line 16 uses simile to describe the letters as being smoke. The white on black of the memorial gives a fog or smoke-like appearance when quickly scanning over names. All those names were of someone who died, and they become a blur. “My clouded reflection eyes me/ like a bird of prey…” (6-7) is used to describe how the speaker’s reflection is staring back at him. The names are on the wall, and as he stands there, he most likely feels very overwhelmed. His own reflection stares him down. His reflection and expectation of finding his own name among those lost
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