Poetry And History Of Chinese Immigrants On Angel Island

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John Cheng
November 11, 2016 Island: poetry and history of Chinese immigrants on Angel Island
Chinese immigration to the United States began in large number during the California Gold Rush. Many people came to the country hoping to find jobs and fortune for themselves and their families back in China. Among those immigrants many stayed in the country and others went back to China.
The point of entry for these Chinese immigrants to California between 1910 and 1940 was the Angles Island in San Francisco. The Island was like that of the Ellis Island in New York. These islands were the immigration detention headquarters for the immigrants waiting on their medical examinations and immigration papers. It was also the holding ground for deportees awaiting transportation back to the mother land.
Island: poetry and history of Chinese immigrants on Angel Island, by Him Mark Lai is a collection of the poems that was restored from the walls and barracks of the Angles Island. The author had selected the sixty-nine poems which were classified into different categories to show the history of the immigration. The five section are - The Voyage, The Detainment, The Weak Shall Conquer, The Westerners, Deportees, Transients. Each of these sections includes the restored poems found in the barrack and the oral histories from peoples who spend their time in the Island, Immigration Interpreters, Immigration Inspectors.
The Voyage, as the title suggest it is about the
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