Poetry And Poetry : The Importance Of Poetry

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Ironically, I want to pursue a science-based career, yet reducing the world around me to atoms and molecular models scares me. Science presents a fatal attraction composed of questions that often lack robust answers and the unexplainable hollowness of looking in the mirror to see a jumble of molecules. Most of the human body consists of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorous, but human existence comprises of different features. To me, the importance of the components that hold the world together and that unite people in their humanity far outweighs the strength of the subatomic particles that bind biological life together. As a universal yet scientifically confounding art, poetry unites people across boundaries through the expression of emotions. One of my favorite quotes, la poésie est dans la rue, originated during the May 1968 counterculture protests in France. Into English, this quote translates as “the poetry is in the streets”. The importance of poetry lies in its accessibility to the general public. Words and expressions of these words belong to the people and the streets of the world, not to a specific culture or a designated government. Since the beginning of time, people observed the world in an attempt to explain their surroundings. These expressions take many forms, including painting or scientific discovery, but only poetry requires no training or excessive equipment. Poems truly constitute this world, hiding in the most average of
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