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Poetry Essay
Poetry. A literary element mainly designated to impose feelings and emotions upon the reader themselves. Not only is poetry just some writing on a piece of paper, it conveys the charm and the drive for those who truly enjoy literature. Poetry builds the canvas and then begin to paint the masterpiece by using several different literary and poetic elements to trigger the imagination of the reader and have their minds run wild envisioning the work being presented right in front of their eyes, through words. Poetry for many may be thought of as just rhyming but rather there is a much deeper and more developed meaning to why and how it is written. In her work, “You’re in the dark, in the car”, Claudia Rankine shows the audience a
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As it states, “Hello darkness my old friend / I’ve come to talk with you again” is used to provide the idea for the audience that the beginning of the song is to show a sense of re-encountering with the past, and in normal cases meeting up with a friend may be a delight but for Simon and Garfunkel they are meeting up with darkness once again. This implies the speaker had a rough past and has hit the all-time low they were once at long back in the day. But not only is it used for a tone setting, many authors connect rhymes so that there is a relation between the words and an image that is drawn in the mind. For example, as the song progresses there’s “a vision softly creeping / left its seeds while I was sleeping” that connects the words sleeping and creeping to envision that one will creep around when there is someone sleeping and resting their head, which will allow them to sneak freely without that individual knowing. Throughout the entire song, every word at the end of the line rhymes with the following ending word to continue the mood and setting while finding relation and allowing pictures to be drawn and formed. However not all poems need to have a rhyme embedded within the literary work. Upon reading the poem written by Claudia Rankine, the reader can take several notes that there is not one rhyme within the entire passage. Many see it unusual and question why and how it is even a poem, but the answer is very simplistic and

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