Poetry Essay - "There Is No Frigate Like a Book"

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Thesis: In the poem “There is No Frigate like a Book” Emily Dickinson’s use of figurative language, sound devices and denotation and connotation show us how literature allows use of our imagination to go on a journey. At first glance it may seem that Emily Dickinson has written a simple poem in “There Is No Frigate like a Book”. However, further analysis reveals that she believes reading is a gift to all. Through observation of the poem we find her fascination with reading and the poem’s ability to take her reader on a journey; as well as reveal how reading can take us on any journey we wish to embark. The theme of the poem is that when we use our imagination while reading anything is possible, even travel to distant lands. The…show more content…
Our imaginations are ignited as we consider what sights, sounds or smells are found on a ship. When we allow ourselves to go on this imaginary ship we are taken on a journey in our minds that allow us to experience the gift of reading and engaging our imagination at the same time. Throughout the poem the comparison of traveling and literature show how anything is possible, even traveling to distant lands, when using our imagination and reading literature. In line two there is reference to a book taking us “lands away” and seems to make the point that a book is the only mode of transportation that can do that. There is further evidence that Dickinson wants us to see that literature is the best means of travel in line five of the poem where we read “This Traverse may the poorest take”. In this line we can find that regardless of financial status traveling is unlimited when reading literature. Finally, there is excitement in the upbeat style of writing used as she reveals where literature can take us. There is some form of transportation used in every other line of the poem and the implication that books can take you the same places transportation does. In order to further understand how this poem reveals there are journey’s to be taken through literature we have to look at the use of denotation and connotation in its writing. Denotation

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