Poetry Explication

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?Luke Brogoitti Dr. Wing English 105 Essay #1 Feb. 18th, 2009 Poetry Explication Matt Skiba’s song “Blue In The Face”, performed by Alkaline Trio in 2003, is written in a first person narrative directed towards a former lover. Skiba uses dark connotations and satanic allusions to portray his emotions and describe the various reasons he thinks she left that night, how he feels about the situation that happened and lastly that he wants her back. Matt Skiba’s songs are synonymous with alcohol and drug abuse. Most of the time he uses them as an answer to a dating or life problem. This time the drugs, cocaine in particular, are the cause of the problem. His opening line starts with an alliteration and states, “It’s about time…show more content…
Skiba never does seem to disappoint when it comes to symbolism in his writing. The alliterations and euphonies used help form a more melancholy rhythm and feel. The dark references to hell, vampires, and drug abuse are infamous with his work and create a strong visualization of what exactly his emotions
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