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Fernando M. Maramag Maramag was a poet, newspaperman, and editor of the Manila Tribune. He was born in Ilagan, Isabela, on January 21,1893. He was educated at Isabela High School, Philippine Normal School, and the University of the Philippines. Many of his poems were published in various newspaper. Some of his more famous poems were : “A Christ without the Cross,” “The Atheist,” “Jose Rizal,” “Christmas,” and “Moonlight on Manila Bay.” One of his earlier poems was “The Rural Maid.” Maramag was editor of the Tribune when he died on October 23, 1936. A veteran newspaperman, he was considered one of the most brillant writers in English during his day.

Thy glance, sweet maid, when first we met,
Has left a heart that aches for
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4. Is the poem realistic? Explain. 5. Evaluate the poem. Give your insights.

M. de Gracia Concepcion

I sit alone,
Thinking sharp thoughts and as warmless as the glacial sun.
I sit alone like a frozen rock left and embedded deep in glacial rivers— lonely. Questions: 1. What mood is created by this poem? 2. What images suggest this mood? 3. What words indicate this mood? 4. What other words or images could you use to suggest the same mood? 5. Evaluate the poem. Give your insight.

1896 (CRY FREEDOM) Aurelio S. Alvero

Aurelio S. Alvero is a famous writer here in the Philippines . He noted that Magtanggol ASA emblem. He initiated the translation into Tagalog of the law Military . He was a poet, orator, teacher, lawyer and leader.

The cry awoke Balintawak
And the echoes answered back: "FREEDOM!"
All the four winds listened long,
To the shrieking of that song.
Every poet struck his lyre,
With those burning notes of fire.
All the women knelt to pray,In their hearts that frenzied lay.
Even the children and the old,
Took to arms and shouted bold, "FREEDOM!"
I heard it from the planters in the vales,
I heard it from the traders tying bales,
I heard it where the fishers strike their sales,
I heard it where the huskers 'neath the trees,
I heard it from the divers of the seas,
I heard it from the pounders in the leas.
All the people raised the cry,
Fearing not to bleed or die,
All the tombs of slave & sire,
Broke to voice that great

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