Poetry Finds Its Most Memorable Moments In Its Least Characterized

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Poetry finds its most memorable moments in its least characterized elements. It is in the words that are not on the paper or spoken that poetry shines over other forms of communication. The quality and depth of implications in a poem are what separate good from great. It is in the ability to say so much by purposely not saying anything that makes poetry stand out in an observer’s mind. Things left incomplete or unsaid naturally stick out in people’s minds as there is a want to see the full image or completed thought. Leaving it open for interpretation not only promotes greater attention to other details in the piece in order to make sense of that which is left unsaid, but also naturally promotes discussion and the addition of multiple…show more content…
Included in this anthology is a freestyle from Method Man, in it, he narrates a familiar scene unfolding in the street. Crime scene, coppers and sirens Helicopters and high beams, the tensions is rising Fiends keeping they pipe clean This is what life means, a dollar and a dream Everybody wants nice things The kid was only nineteen, hole in his chest now He 's fighting, for his last breath He 's seeing death its frightening The grip on the ghetto is tightening You try to do the right thing? They do you just like King In this narration, Method Man includes enough detail to give a vivid mental image of the scene that is being played out in front of the listener. He masterfully uses different pronunciations and meter in order to keep the rhythm through the piece and maintain his rhymes. He pronounces sirens like sireens in order to rhyme it with high beams, and mixes in masculine rhymes at the beginning of his sentences and feminine rhymes at the ends. With these tools he creates the image and implants it in the listener’s mind, but leaves out enough detail so that it could be any teen, shot for any reason, in any ghetto. These important details being left unsaid give the rap a message that is applicable to any number of people. Other ways of promoting thought without forcing it on the reader directly is to

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