Poetry Is A Craft, And If An Art

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Poetry, according to Horace in Ars Poetica, is a craft, and if an art can be defined as something that follows a system of convention, then poetry is as he implies. Perhaps poetry is sometimes interpreted as nothing more than linguistic superfluity of an individual 's ideas or feelings, rather, subjective expression. However, language itself has form, it has order, consequently, one must manipulate it to project beauty, inspiration, thought, or any other idea, just as one, versed in the language of sculpting, must utilize the hands in a technical and structured way. Horace identifies these rules and conventions, supporting the notion that poetry is indeed an art, and despite the fact that it may be subjective expression in part, poetry as a craft exists and is created within boundaries, yet these boundaries are understood through wisdom. The concept or ars according to Horace is as such: "In three ways: as a practiced mastery of a craft, as a systematic knowledge or theory and technique, and as capacity for objective self-criticism" (Horace 120). Poetry, as any other art form, has main principles that guide expression. Furthermore, poetry being intended for either instruction or pleasure, does not resolve whether or not poetry is an art, rather, it is determined by its adherence to and mastery of the principles and techniques. Abstract art, some believe is nonsense, there is no order nor logic, therefore it is not art. However, Horace 's principles of defining art as
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