Poetry Is So Much More And The Poem By Wilfred Owen, Dulce Et Decorum Est

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Poetry is a very fascinating based literature that can express the emotions of an individual whether it be about love, happiness or even anger. It has so many different uses that ultimately get the point that is trying to be made across, but its not as easy as it may seem to create a work of literature art. Having imagination and creativity is what is necessary, but without that, there will only be an occurrence of random words that happen to rhyme when put together, but even to that extent, poetry is so much more and the poem by Wilfred Owen, Dulce et Decorum Est surely shows that poetic art is something that takes time to achieve. When I speak of art, I am referring to the rhyme scheme, flow,symbol and all the other various products that go into a poem. With intelligence I specifically am speaking of history related references in the poem, word play and hidden meanings that take more than one look to understand and with this poem, it is definitely possible to find both art and intelligence. Now the poem is about the poet and his experience in World War 1, it begins with him and his comrades, after a long and fierce battle, they are headed home, wounded both mentally and physically, but without even the slightest hint, they were surrounded by toxic gas. The poet himself was able to quickly get his gas mask on, but sadly for a few others that was unlikely and he watched in horror as his comrades lay, choking on the toxic fumes that are circulating through their lungs and
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