Poetry Is The Expression Of A Strong Feeling Of Emotions

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Poetry is the expression of a strong feeling of emotions that are unleashed onto paper. There are many different periods of poetry that existed over time, but none have shown as much as a rebellious phase as the Romantic era. Romantic poets, tired of the exploitation of the oppressed and the power of the oppressor, felt the need to rebel against social norms. Those poets believed that more focus should be placed on who a person was, and not what their society expects them to become. Such poets like George Gordon, also known as Lord Byron, and Percy Bysshe Shelley, thrived off of ideas that allowed them to explore new boundaries in poetry and challenge what was expected of them as poets. Instead of producing works that only the upper…show more content…
Once the sun was removed from this world, the people “...forgot their passions in the dread of their desolation; and all hearts were chill’d into a selfish prayer for light” (Byron). In other words, all of humanity seemed to abandon their former selves, regardless of whether they were rich or poor, in favor of practically begging for any source of light to return. It got to the point where their hearts, or souls, were morphed into a selfish and ruthless mindset. Instead of keeping their morals and being kind to one another, the people fought and destroyed any resource they had without any thought of how it would affect others and the land. As a result, these people lost an awareness of themselves and who they were as they let the ignorance of their situation wash over them. The sun had represented life and hope for the people, so as they desperately tried to find sources of light to replace the sun with, they ironically were losing life as well as hope as the days passed. Eventually the poem ends with no life on Earth, but gives a final thought that “Darkness had no need of aid from them - She was the Universe” (Byron). The personification of Darkness and the Universe symbolizes them as opposites - death and life. With the darkness that overtook the Earth and led to its quick destruction by the humans, the Universe represents the cycle of life, that soon the darkness shall pass and a new beginning will start on
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