Poetry Makes a Man in Dead Poets Society Essay

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Poetry Makes a Man When people take poetry as more than just words with meanings, but as words to live by and take the poem to heart, the person may and will change by the words they live on. The type of poetry will affect the way the person changes. In the very inspirational movie of Dead Poets Society, Tom Schulman the screen writer, through the character of the visionary Mr. Keating: uses plays and poetry to help the major characters and even some minor characters through their dilemmas and any situations that could have applied to these inspired characters to think freely and take a new road in life. Major characters such as Neil, Todd, Knox, Charlie, and Cameron have taken the influential poetic teachings of Mr. Keating to heart and…show more content…
With Neil’s father still being mad and frustrated, everything goes south and Neil has his Carpe diem moment when the whole family discussed about his future, but not having as much confidence towards his father as his peers, Neil decides not to take the moment and leaves us speechless on his next action. Todd was the character that was the most affected by Mr. Keating’s poetic teachings; the viewers could even say “poetry makes a man” based on Todd’s improvements. At the beginning of the movie, Todd has a moment, when we understand and may even pity Todd because he says that no one would listen to him and he was not the leading type. The poem of O Me! O Life! greatly resembled Todd’s situation. In the poem the audience hears of a narrator who is suffering through life and the audience feels despair, but then the audience hears there is an answer! The answer being that we are here and contribute a verse, showed that there is hope after all and that Todd can be more than just a person who is suffering through life with no confidence. This poem initiated the confidence and the Carpe diem also helped Todd to not only have confidence, but to be a leader that the viewers can admire. Also showing that Todd had changed was the fact that in the beginning of the movie, Todd was the last one to stand on the desk, and see things from a different perspective, and address Mr. Keating as O Captain! My Captain! , which is also a poem. In the middle of the movie the
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