Poetry : Theme Of Love

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Love in Poetry
Studying the theme of love in poetry can help a relationship to move from one level to another. Poems express love in unique ways that draws the attention of both the poet and the recipient to focus and express love in powerful ways. The choice of words and phrases used in poems can provide the insight lovers needs to keep their love strong and live for as long as possible (Literary Devices, 2015). Sometimes love fades because people take each other for granted and forget expressing love in words and actions. Since poems are products of creative thoughts, people can draw numerous lessons from the poems that they can apply in real life situations to heal a broken relationship. Instead of watching helplessly at friends whose relationships are running soar, one can share a poem and revive a dying relationship. The continuous use of poems in life can turn an individual into a creative thinker that can easily relate physical things to lovely mental pictures that can bring fulfillment in a love relationship. The focus of this paper is to explore the theme of love in the works of different poets (Literary Devices, 2015).
One of the famous poem on love is the “I love you” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. It is a poem on romantic love that opens with the experience of lovers when they kiss “I love your lips when they are wet with wine.” It’s full of descriptive features that turn on the fire of romance as it explores all the erotic parts of the body any couple can enjoy. It
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