Poetry and Poets of the Romantic Movement

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Introduction Poetry in the Romantic Movement constituted an aspect of rebellion against the enlightenment principles as the poets of the time portrayed. The likes of William words worth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Williams Sister, Dorothy Wordsworth constituted some of such poets whose influence in the world of literature not only helped portray their relationship with nature and the world but also presented a form of relationship which existed between them and those close to them. As reflected in the movie pandemonium, the three literally artistes interrelated in a very noteworthy way especially in light of their work and the personal lives and careers that they shared. To a considerable extent, the relationship between the three had some significant effect on their work. In addition, they affected one another's' world in the way they related. Samuel Taylor Coleridge Samuel Taylor, an English poet, philosopher and literary critic was born in 21 October 1772 and died on the 25th of July 1843. He was one of the founders of the Romantic Movement aside from being a member of Lake Poets. Among the poems Samuel wrote include, 'kubla khan' and 'the Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. Samuel Taylor is also synonymous with phrases like "suspension of disbelief", one of the many phrases he coined. He also received accolades for his significant works on Shakespeare in addition to his aid in the introduction of German romantics among the English culture. All through his grown-up life,
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