Poetry and Schizophrenia

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Poem Explication Poetry is one of the oldest arts. Poems come in many forms from songs, ballads, and epics, to haikus. Many poets use elements like similes, metaphors, personification, rhymes, and imagery to get their themes or meanings across to the reader. In the poem “Schizophrenia”, Jim Stevens uses personification of the house to give the poem its overall meaning. Personification and symbolism are the most important poetic elements to “Schizophrenia” because they are used to describe how the house can never be the same after the effects of schizophrenia and how the house personifies and symbolizes a family and the person with schizophrenia. One of the first major and noticeable uses of personification of the house takes place in…show more content…
(Stevens 673) These lines show how the house has deteriorated over time. It symbolizes how schizophrenia can really take a toll on a person after a long time. It makes it seem like that person isn’t the same anymore. This use of symbolism was important to the poem because it
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