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How does the poet vividly convey ideas concerning the influence that nature has upon man? Compare and Contrast at least two poets from cluster one giving detailed close analysis throughout. (Comparison of ‘Overlooking the River Stour’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Landscape’ by Michael Longley.) Equally ‘Overlooking the River Stour’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Landscape’ by Michael Longley portray to the reader that nature can consume and influence mans’ behaviour. They also both highlight how easily things can come and go through our lives unnoticed and insignificant, without realising its value until it’s lost. Longley’s use of simile is very effective when conveying to the reader the influence of nature upon man. Using the simile ‘Like a hillside…show more content…
The use of pathetic fallacy not only sets the mood but also allows the reader to appreciate how easily the weather affect us as humans and cause a change in our moods. In contrast Longley uses the structure of his poem to show how nature has occupied him; towards the end of the poem enjambment is used to represent how his thoughts have been lost in nature ‘And the otter’s skidmarks melting into the water’ this not only uses the enjambment to represent how broken and dismembered his thought are but uses the metaphor to show how his thought are being washed as he is absorbed deeper and deeper into nature and its complexity. Longley’s poem however uses several different techniques to show natures effect on man, the use of sibilance within ‘Landscape’ vividly conveys how nature can influence someone’s thoughts. Within stanza one ‘Like skeins of sheep’s wool: is a bulls horn silting’ depicts how before the poet was at peace in nature all his complicated thoughts were tangled and intertwined, however now they are all started to crumble into nothing. This technique is used to emphasise a point due to the use of intense sounds, such as ‘s’ which allows the reader to further think and articulate themselves around the point as the techniques use makes the stanza far more predominant. As a whole Longley’s poem ‘landscape’ has a far more rounded ending.

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