Point Breakdown Case Study

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Case Report - Point Breakdown

Introduction: On the day of August 14,2011, Anna Garcia was found dead in her home, in the entry hallway of her house laying face down, at 10:20 a.m. Anna Garcia's worried neighbor, Doug Greene made the call to 911 at 9:45am. Doug Greene also reported that he had seen Anna walking her dog earlier in the morning the day before around six a.m. It wasn't unusual that Anna walked her dog, but she was wearing a sweater in ninety degree weather, which Doug found odd. The reason Anna’s neighbor had called was because he reported that he heard aggressive dog barking and after he had called the house there was no answer. When the police and EMTs arrived at 9:56 a.m they had to kick down the door because it was locked and there was not any other unlocked entrance to get into the house, Police and EMTs determined that Anna was
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Erica Piedmont was Alex Garcia’s new wife who was pregnant and also parked outside Anna’s house the night before her death. Lastly, Lucy Leffingwell, was Anna's best friend. Lucy owned a bakery with Anna and they recently had an argument because Lucy wanted to expand their business but Anna did not.Lucy was also told by Anna that she was no longer taking her antibiotics, so Lucy assumed that Anna was doing well . DNA samples were taken from all of the suspects. At the crime scene the DNA segment was (12, 23, 11, 33, 24). Alex Garcia's DNA was made into segments (34, 44, 13, 6). Doug Greene’s DNA fragment was (35, 11, 56). Lucy Leffingwell’s DNA fragment was (12, 57, 24). Erica Piedmont’s DNA fragment was (19, 15, 57, 12). Lastly Anna Garcia’s DNA fragment was ( 12,23,11,33,24). When the results came back it was Anna Garcia’s DNA at the crime scene. But Alex Garcia’s fingerprint was also found at the crime scene.When Anna was found she was dead approximately four hours, which means she died earlier in the morning. Anna was sent to the coroner on

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