Point Of View In Story Of An Hour

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Viewpoint, is an outlook of a story, poem, or diary entry one chooses to write from. In the short story, “Story of an Hour”, the viewpoint is from a third person perspective of a lady, Mrs. Mallard, who has been struggling with heart troubles for a large percentage of her life. To write in a third person viewpoint of the main character is a remarkable skill that the author, Kate Chopin, has developed over her years of writing. In this short story, Chopin certainly explores the mind of Mrs. Mallard, who has received news on a railroad disaster that has killed her husband Brentley Mallard. This perspective shows the high intensity of emotion in each character, giving the reader a great understanding of how Mrs. Mallard is truly misunderstood and holds back from everyone around her including her husband. Third person, not only showed the reader the emotions stirring within the house, but the reactions of each and every character and how they dealt with the position of having to inform Mrs. Mallard of the shocking news of her husband’s death without initiating any of her heart problems, as well. Although, when having her Epiphany of her new life crushed by the news of her husband being completely safe was what initially caused initiated her heart problems. In the short story “The Story of an Hour” the reader is shown a third person point of view, which clearly shows all of the most important aspects of the story to help one understand and comprehend the shocking twist with ease.
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