Point Of View In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Point of view is the way a story is told through a character's perspective. This is important since a character's perspective can affect the accuracy of the story. Different topics such as biased view, a character's experience on a topic, how they stand on a set topic or what side they are on as well as other character interactions can all affect a character's perspective as it is told throughout the story. This is when compared to someone else telling the story who hasn't had the same experiences through their point of view. The opinions of the narrator throughout the story and the different events that happen through their point of view can affect the reader's view of the topic that is being discussed within the story. In the book To…show more content…
While this is a very taxing job and requires work daily for the large majority of the day, the black maids make only about 182 dollars a month a month. Compared to what a white woman makes which is around 300 dollars a month. This is an example of the racism that takes a toll on Aibileen and is shown throughout the movie. The working black population of women makes significantly less than the working white women. This is something that is directly impacting Aibileen and is happening to her, which makes her point of view more accurate. Since she is involved in this situation and it is a part of her life, it adds to her point of view making it more accurate due to what the viewer is able to acknowledge, witnessing this discrimination happen.
In comparison , Scout does not have the same experience that Aibileen does. While Scout has a different point of view than the rest of her community, she doesn't quite have this knowledge in the same aspect as Aibileen. Aibileen has to deal with this wage gap everyday, with it affecting her life and her job. Scout however does not have this knowledge or experience. Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird has no real experience with money, that we are exposed to in the book. She also has no known knowledge to the reader that she has learned about the money situation for the black community. While this is something she may be able to assume from seeing the black community and neighborhood as well as
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