Poisoned Love: Essay 2. Life, Love, Death, Revenge, Grief,

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Poisoned Love: Essay 2 Life, love, death, revenge, grief, and murder are all characteristics well known to the writing of William Shakespeare, his play Hamlet is not an exception. In this play the reader follows a young prince Hamlet on a quest for retribution on his uncle, for the murder of his father and the incestuous affair with his mother. To exact his vengeance on his uncle, King Claudius, Hamlet put on an act of being mad to catch his uncle profess his sins, and causing it to be morally right for hamlet to kill him. Hamlet tells very few of his act, and one of those excluded from this information is his supposed love Ophelia. He chooses not inform Ophelia of his plans knowing her father, Polonius, is obsequious, and he could…show more content…
In act two Ophelia tells her father that Hamlet spooked her, entering her closet as she was sewing, looking disheveled. Polonius starts to suspect he may have aided in causing Hamlet’s madness, considering he ordered Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet. He asks her what Hamlet said, and she then explained that he didn’t really speak anything instead: He falls to such perusal of my face As he would draw it. Long stayed he so; At last, a little shaking of mine arm, And thrice his head thus waving up and down, He raised a sigh so piteous and profound As it did seem to shatter all his bulk And end his being: that done, he lets me go: (2.I.90-96.681)
Upon hearing this Polonius thinks it best to tell Claudius of what they have discovered.
Analyzing the quote, it is shown Hamlet still finds the time to go visit Ophelia during his act of madness; he keeps the portrayal up as he stares at her maybe contemplating on telling her what he is doing, but Ophelia shakes her arm and his thought is broken. His pitiful sigh signs that he wishes to tell Ophelia, but decides it’s better not to, and realizing that things will not go well for them while he continues to act crazy.
Continuing with Polonius, He and the King have created an idea to watch how Hamlet interacts with Ophelia. Hamlet is wandering the halls when he overhears their plan giving him an edge, and helping him stay ahead of them. Ophelia “bumps” into Hamlet,
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