Poisonwood Bible: Nathans Function

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Poisonwood Bible - Nathans Function Nathan Price’s function in The Poisonwood Bible is not only to present the situation of being in the Congo to his family but also to show what happens when a foreign policy, such as religion, is introduced to a place that has never heard of it. In addition, Nathan is generally a static character in novel because throughout the book we see his ideas and actions remain generally the same. Nathan’s motivation for going to the Congo is what drives him until the moment he dies. He was made stubborn and determined because he represents the political domination of foreign lands and the role of men in that time period. Nathans actions in the novel can compare to the actions that the U.S. has done and how men…show more content…
His arguments with Brother Fowles showed Nathan to be upset at the success he had with the people there. We see this determination in Nathan to show Fowles and everyone else that he can go above and beyond what he has done there. Since we never hear from Nathan’s perspective, we cannot really determine whether or not he ever just wanted to be right. This mystery can make Nathan’s character be analyzed in two different ways. Was he a truly religious man who wanted the best for everyone or did he just want to show society he was right? I believe he was both of them. Nathan truly wanted to save these people as we seen after Ruth May’s death. After realizing that she would have to spend an eternity in hell, he hoped to possibly save every other Congolese child from this suffering. But then again we see this extreme force with his actions and no remorse in what he does. At one point he sends children across the water and they all die from crocodiles. I think Nathan was mad in to be this complex character because he is a representation of so many things. Nathan helps develop so many of the thematic concepts of the novel and leaving his character open like this helps develop them more clearly. Not getting into his head makes people assume he is a bad guy. He potentially wants to help the people and should not assume that all his intentions are

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