Pokemon Center: A Short Story

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“Douglas I chose you!” throwing out oshawott phoebe battled Isabella with vigor she had the urge to join the battle herself her blood was rushing she could almost feel her teeth sharpen but pushed the urges down the call to fight to rip that little shit to peaces a sense of euphoria washed over her as she watched the snivy fall Isabella looked on in dismay calling her Pokemon back seeing her friend saddened made her joy dim but not by much she turned her happiness onto Douglas
“you were amazing Douglas I’m so proud of you!” she did this so she could keep the fact hidden that she loved watching that snivy faint watched as it cussed and spit insults at her and her Pokemon watched as the look of horror crossed it’s face as she whispered something
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As the years passed they all grew stronger phoebe worked hard to be able to stay with aiden her and her team grew in strength but unlike most trainers she couldn’t catch just any Pokemon she saw she had to be careful it was tough but it was worth it she remembers all of their stories fondly how she caught William as a small lillipup or how ivy was an abandoned Sewaddle that was up for adoption in the Pokemon center the saddest story had to be ray’s he was a Yamask that was left in the woods she knew the stories of them how they are forcefully turned into Pokemon she connected instantly with him they were both Pokemon who were meant to be humans but nether would have that chance to be one he was the only one that knew her true form he accepted her anyway which made this easier for her she had a feeling her last two team members crow and Gilbert both a Gothitelle and Scrafty respectively knew what she was but today there was no second guessing she was deep in the woods do deep no trainer would ever wander in here this is where she let her whole team out for some reason she wanted to wait for them all to evolve before she showed her true form because today she felt it in her gut today was the day she would evolve it was long coming and no matter how she kept suppressing it her body kept pushing back telling her it was time every battle she was in made her grow…show more content…
you’re just like us that mean I can finally tell you how much I love you!!! your such a good trainer so kind to us oohh so that’s how you were able to tell what my favorite food was on that day I just thought you got lucky but you must have been listening to me ramble on ooohhh so you must have heard about that one dream I had-” he cut himself off eyes widening
“WAIT WE NEED YOU TO EVOLVE FIRST” picking you up by the scruff Douglas started to run deeper in the forest
“DOUGLAS YOU PUT HER DOWN RIGHT THIS INSTANT!” Williams strong voice echoed through out the forest scaring most of the wild Pokemon away but Douglas was as oblivious as ever to his stern tone finding a patch of grass he through you in there
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