Pokemon Go Pullover Video Games

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Pokemon Go Pullover Video games! Video games are stress relievers for many people. They take people away from reality and into a world where they can do anything that they can not do in the real world. Video games copy the real world, and people enjoy the virtual reality where they are important and not just some nobody who does nothing but live a boring life. Video games are a virtual escape, sort of like a vacation without a worry in the world. It was the same for me too. I would always play video games when I have time, or when I’m stressed and blow off some steam. Never have I ever would think that a video game would ever get me pulled over by a cop! Yeah, I got pulled over, I did nothing wrong! Here is my story about how I encountered the police just by walking. It was a sunny day and a new sensation was spreading across the world. That sensation was a video game, not just any video game it was a new concept using augmented reality. This such game is called Pokemon Go. I waited for the release of that game for a year since it was first announced. When the game was released, I downloaded it to my phone and started playing right away. Pokemon Go involved players to go outside and walk to catch monsters, so that is exactly what I did. A few weeks went by and I am addicted to this game like a drug addict is to shooting heroin through an unsterilized syringe up into their veins. Almost every day I would go outside with my bicycle and ride around the

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