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Pokemon Candies and Eggs While Walking with Your Buddy Pokemon
The Pokemon Go Buddy System is the best update yet. Niantic told fans to expect more from the game, and this latest feature is just one of the many to watch out for.
The new system will allow you to choose any Pokemon in your collection as your buddy that will accompany you as you go in search for Pokemon and will also appear next to you, behind you, perched on your shoulder, or flying alongside you in the avatar screen. A Buddy Pokemon is categorized as medium, shoulder, big and flying.
The Buddy system gives you in-game rewards, such as a candy for walking certain distances with your Pokemon buddy. But what makes it really exciting is that the distance and time to earn candies is measured in the same way for hatching eggs. For many players, this makes a great replacement for the tracking system that has been removed, and what they have been waiting for to get an update.
Its effect is threefold:
• It helps players to find specific Pokemon in the wild.
• Introduces a new way of evolving Pokemon.
• Provides an extra incentive that will re-ignite the waning interest of players, what with a guarantee that a walk with your buddy will yield a candy.
How long do you need to walk to get a candy with a particular Buddy Pokemon?
A user on The Silph Road compiled a list of Pokemon buddies and the required distance you
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For a trainer to get Pikachu, for example, they have to walk a distance of 50 km for a total of four and a half hours. Gives you more excuse to exercise, right?
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