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13+ Poker Animals You Need to Know About

Poker Strategy Summary
In the world of Poker, it’s important to gather as much information about your opponents as possible. Learning their style of play, tendencies, and any physical traits or tells that can give you clues about their hand is a huge part of the game. Playing Poker online makes it much more difficult to read your opponents, but most software allows for note-taking so you can quickly identify the habits and style of play of those you’ve played against before. Since most fundamentally sound players fold the majority of the time, they have plenty of time to take notes on other players, and they can tend to be too lengthy and descriptive. Luckily for us, simple descriptions using real world animals are a surprisingly accurate way to describe poker players, games, and even spectators. In this article, we’ll go over all of the different Poker animals you’re likely to encounter, their style of play, and what you should do while playing against them. Let’s get started:

Prey, Observers and Predators
In the jungle of the Poker world, there are three different core personality types you will generally encounter. They are the Prey, the Observers, and the Predators. Prey personalities are those that other players tend to eat up, or profit from. Whether it happens quickly or takes all night, the Prey will lose their bankroll to more skilled or aggressive players because of their style of Poker play. The Observers are

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