Pol Pot And The Cambodian Genocide

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Genocide has been used in many different countries, trying to kill a specific race or types of people. There are some popular genocides that get talked about a lot like the holocaust, but other genocides like the Cambodian genocide are rarely talked about in the US because the US indirectly helped the Cambodian Genocide with its bombings of Cambodia. The Cambodian genocide was a huge tragedy that took place after the US bombed parts of Cambodia to help Vietnam. After the bombing the Khmer Rouge, along with its leader Pol Pot, started to take over Cambodia and changed people's lifestyles. Many people believed Pol Pot's motivating desire was because of his communist ideology, but that was false. Due to Pol Pot’s opportunist nature and the use of the communist title, he was able to gain power and kill many Cambodians who had conformed to western influence because he wanted to create the ideal society for himself. In order for Pol Pot to create his own society, he needed to surround himself with people and buildings that were not influenced by western culture. When Pol Pot took over “he started to force everyone to live as laborers and killed anyone who was a threat to his power”(Peace). Pol Pot had a layout of who to target which was “This list of “potential opposition” included, but was not limited to, journalists, lawyers, doctors, professionals, intellectuals, such as students and professors, and members of the upper class”(World). Pol Pot prefered to target educated
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