Pol Pot And The Khmer Rouge

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Pol Pot

Saloth Sar aka Pol Pot (19th May, 1925- 15th April, 1998) was a Cambodian revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge. He was the 8th of 9 children born into a moderately wealthy rice farming family. He grew up in Prek Sbauv, a small fishing village, where his family owned 50 acres of land or roughly 10 times the national average as well as several buffalos. Pol Pot was educated at several different schools in both Cambodia and France. In Cambodia, he attended a Buddhist monastery, Cloe Miche, a catholic school in Phnom Penh and briefly Lycée Sisowath, an exclusive school for academics. He then moved to Paris after gaining a scholarship and he studied radio technology. Upon Pol Pot’s return to Cambodia, the region was rebelling against the French colonial rule in order to gain independence, which they achieved a year later. Meanwhile, Pol Pot joined the Khmer People’s Revolutionary Party (KPRP), an underground Marxist- Leninist party. Between 1956 and 1963 Pol Pot became a taught history, geography and French literature whilst also plotting a revolution simultaneously.

Significant Events

In 1962 the Cambodian government commenced arresting and killing authoritative members of the communist party due to the upcoming elections and their desire to destroy any chance of the party being elected. Due to the arrest and execution of the current leader Pol Pot was subsequently named leader. Whilst Pol Pot was leading the Cambodian Communist Party restrictions on
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