Pol Pot And The Khmer Rouge: The Cambodian Genocide

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From the dawn of time up to current day, genocides have been happening throughout history. Some earlier genocides have not even been recorded or documented. Most genocides also share similar reasons for occurring. Genocides happen because one group wants complete control and absolute power over another. For instance, people can be killed for having different ideas or not being similar to to the opposing group. It is clear that genocides only end with senseless and brutal discrimination which results in many deaths. From 1975 to 1979, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge carried out a genocide in Cambodia killing all people who seemed to oppose them and their communist government (“The Cambodian Genocide”).
Before genocide had a name, Raphael Lemkin,
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These people ranged from intellectuals, doctors, children and other Khmer Rouge members. Anyone who could not travel to the camps or work was seen as useless, and would be killed in cold blood. Even children and infants were targeted because the Khmer Rouge thought that in order “ ‘to stop the weeds you must pull up the roots’ ” (“The Cambodian Genocide”). Pol Pot knew that if the children understood the torture that they were going through, they would go against him in the future. The Khmer Rouge did not want any chance for a revolt and would do anything to keep it that way. Pol Pot believed that Cambodia should be a rural, classless society without any rich or poor people where people were forced to farm rice to trade to other…show more content…
For example, Hitler and Pol Pot both targeted minorities and people with contrasting beliefs. On the other hand, Pol Pot also murdered anyone in his way while he was in control of Cambodia. Pol Pot and Hitler also sought out to create a perfect society, even if their ideas of how they would be like were different. For instance, Hitler desired to have Germany become a world power, while he and the Nazi party exterminated all inferior groups in the process. On the other hand, Pol Pot wanted to abolish any classes in society and revert back to how Cambodia was in the past. Before the Holocaust, Germany’s economy was in ruin to the point where most people would do anything to live normally. As a result of this, Hitler stepped in and took control of Germany as a dictator knowing that he had the support of everyone around him. In contrast to this, Cambodia’s economy was thriving before the Khmer Rouge took control. When Pol Pot took control, everyone had to become a farmer and were terrified of him. The Nazis and the Khmer Rouge both sent prisoners to work camps where they were later executed. Both groups threw prisoners in ditches after they murdered them. In addition to this, the Khmer Rouge slaughtered captives in the killing fields while the Nazis killed them in gas chambers. Prisoners were not treated fairly in both camps and were severely malnourished. During both genocides, the community
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