Poland As A European Country

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Poland is a European country which has fostered strategic and commercial cooperation with the United States. Because of its strategic location, being close to Europe and also providing market to the east and of its own population growth and stable environment, Poland holds a lot of opportunities for growth .It is being evident with a lot of growth and investment in Poland by US and other Asian companies since the late 1980s(source: pg 5). However, Polish still lag behind on marketing skills, and there are a lot of growth opportunities in sales. So it is important for Polish and it is also an opportunity for our company to teach Polish about marketing and for us to grow together with Polish people.
Channels of Distribution:
About 28% of Polish live in rural areas and the rest in urban areas. Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk are some of the big cities with a large population. People in urban areas also have more financial strength than those in rural areas. When it comes to Industrial Goods Distribution, serious Polish distributors do their homework regarding technicalities of trade and business. Poland being in the center of Europe, and a member of European Union (EU), is a good distribution hub for Central and European countries. Big industrial enterprises that sell products in Poland prefer a direct relationship with manufacturers than vendors. However, for consumer good sectors, polish agents and distributors increasingly look to foreign partners for

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