Polar Bear Is The Largest Land Carnivore

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There may be other bears in the arctic, but the polar bear is the largest land carnivore in the Arctic wilderness. The polar bear may look like any other bear, but they are unique in their own way, such as their characteristics and behavior . The polar bear, has unique characteristics that make it stand out the most compared to the other bears in its taxonomic group. The taxonomic group that the polar bear falls under is the Ursidae Group ( Tanya Dewey and Phil Myers). Breaking it down even further it goes down to genus, the genus of the polar bear is Ursus and it is derived from the latin word ursus, meaning bear. It includes the widely distributed brown bear, polar bear, and black bear. Next, the species for polar bears are maritimus, which means sea bear (Tanya Dewey and Phil Myer). The polar bears taxonomic group, genus, and species are all important because they are widely diverse compared to the other bears in the group. Each bear in the Ursidae Group is unique, but they all have a lot in common. Bears are strong animals that vary in sizes, but they all have the same strength. They can range from twenty-five to sixty-five kilograms or up to eight hundred kilograms (Tanya Dewey and Phil Myers). In the wild it is most common for the males to be larger than their female counterparts, sometimes in the wild there could be a male that is twice the size of the female. When looking at each bear some characteristics that show on each one. Some include;

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