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Polaris Securities Co. Ltd has experienced substantial growth in the countries of Taiwan and Hong Kong. This document will review a case created around Polaris Securities and the strategies behind its success. This review will contain a synopsis of the case, a brief history of the company as well as identify some key issues in the terms of generic strategies that the company used. The document will define the problem with their strategy and what would or would not work accordingly. An analysis of Porter’s five forces against the strategy employed by Polaris will also be reviewed. Finally, a comparison of the company’s competitors will be completed and a summary of the case conclusions. Synopsis of the Case Study Polaris Securities Co. Ltd experienced significant financial success for over twenty years in its home country of Taiwan and through expansion into the Hong Kong market. The company is known for embracing entrepreneurship, innovation, and the latest technological advances. As the securities industry evolved in other parts of the world, Taiwan was slow to adopt these changes. Polaris’s strategy of embracing these changes and bringing them to the Taiwan and Hong Kong markets proved to be very profitable for the organization. To increase its position in the global marketplace, the company is planning to expand its operations into three additional markets. The markets of Vietnam, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi will be a challenge for Polaris. Polaris’s global

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