Polarities and Polarity Management

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Polarities and Polarity Management Polarities and Polarity Management GM500-01/Managers & Leaders Professor Sparks 11/11/2011 GM500-01/Managers & Leaders Professor Sparks 11/11/2011 Kristina Smith, GM500-01 Planning and Taking Action. Kristina Smith, GM500-01 Planning and Taking Action. Polarities and Polarity Management What are Polarities? Polarities are interdependent opposites which function at its highest when both are present and balance each other (Welp). A polarity is comparable to the Asian belief of “Yin-Yang”. Like Yin-Yang, Polarities are forces of a company or departments strategy that perform best when both are practiced simultaneously. There are several common forms of…show more content…
If we have a patient who is dealing with blood pressure issues and needs to discuss plan of action options with the physician we need to block out a double appointment time for this patient. Our next issue is expense. Expense is an issue that is not as simple to handle then that as the patient/physician time issue. We have to have the physicians look deeper into alternative medications to and be more knowledgeable of the patients insurance and what is covered by them at the highest rate. We will also have to take a look at the doubling up of testing there is no reason why a patient should have to pay for a test that was already paid for by the insurance company unless absolutely required. Now that we have a sense of what needs to be addressed and how we will address it we will have to look at the designation of tasks to staff and the support of our management to insure that the plan of action is being taken to its highest ability. Regular calendars will be assigned to two people and the physicians will be divided among them evenly. We will have the emergency calendar handled by the charge nurse as previously discussed. We will change the time frame of our appointments and start using the categorize system in the upcoming month. We will also generate a list of clients with insurance information and request medical coverage to have on hand for physicians. Taking a look at the polarity map you will notice on one side there are
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