Polarization And Media Habits

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In the John Oliver clip about how science is portrayed in the news and media as well as the article “Political Polarization and Media Habits” give different perspective of how news is read and interpret by different groups of viewers. In the John Oliver clip, Oliver communicated on how science is reported within the news. He delivers an overall warning message that not all of the science related news are 100% true. Within the video, he gives examples of how news reporters distort or convey a different message than the actual scientific data delivers. For instance, a finding by the University of England found that drinking champagne two or three times a week can be effective for one’s health or help prevent Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease. Oliver goes on saying how the study was only performed on rats and not on humans. This video surprised me on how some news stories need to be filtered or looked at with more critique on whether it is reliable or not.…show more content…
The findings from this article revealed that consistent conservatives distrusted most news media outlet and consistent liberals trusted most news media outlet as well as had a wider range of news outlet. There also was a correlation between how one’s political views influenced what news media outlet one would use. This article was interesting since it showed how political views impact news viewing. As well as what news outlets are considered more on the left or right of the political
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