Polemic About Tattooes

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The polemic about tattoos I was wondering why tattoos are a controversial point in our society! There are people against and people that really like tattoos, but who is right? Should I think it is a good or a bad thing? Maybe for the tattooists the art involves is worth the pain and sacrifice of being tattooed. For the religious, it is a sin to sacrifice one’s body with so meaningless purpose. Now I don’t think there are excuses to justify so drastic a way of art, but analyzing the points of view I will try to clarify some questions I still have about this body art such as the reason people have tattoos, “When did tattooing start?”, the dangers involved in this procedure, the removal of a tattoo and society’s reaction to…show more content…
We know it is very dangerous and involves much aftercare. Stan Schwartz explains that any break in the skin can expose a person to local infection as well as systemic illness. According to NIEHS web site the two most significant risks tattooing can offer are allergic responses to the pigments and exposure to blood borne diseases such as HIV, tetanus and hepatitis; but if appropriate desinfection and sterilization techniques are used, the health risk associated with tattooing is small. Tattoos have been reported to alter the quality of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) when the pigments are iron- oxide-based. Furthermore, it has been noted to cause sudden burning pain during the procedure as I read at the FAQ about body art. Another thing that I consider and everybody should consider too is how difficult it is to remove a tattoo. Even it is called permanent sometimes it happens that people want to erase it because they regret getting it. But it is a costly and time-consuming process. The most common procedure used to remove tattoos is the laser but knowing all the problems that can result makes me think it is better not even to try. Thinking about the way tattooed people still are discriminated I definitely don’t want to have a tattoo.

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